The 2015 season has started.

The necessary paperwork was fulfilled, documents were acquired in the offices of the Ministry of Antiquities on both the eastern and the western bank of Luxor on Sunday. We were warmly greeted by Dr Talaat, the head of the inspectorate of the West Bank, who had been our colleague for many years at TT 32.
Our inspector this year is Mr Emad, who has already worked with us two years ago. We could then officially open the tomb, where everything was found in order.

Yesterday, the usual tasks of the first day went as follows: our workmen were registered, the area was cleaned and photographed; the work area was prepared; and a plan was discussed for the schedule of the excavations to come.
Today we could start the excavations in two areas: the eastern pylon remains of the Nefermenu tomb was cleared; and the removal of the rubble from the area south of the New Kingdom small chapel was continued.

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