Restoration in progress

This year, one of our old friends, El-Azab Said Yassin is in charge of restoration.

El-Azab Said Yassin strengthening the damaged sections of the double false door
in the broad hall of Nefermenu’s tomb (TT 184).

In the broad hall of TT 184, the fragment of the double false door before…

… and after the consolidation of its upper edges.

Cleaning the upper register of the scenes of the Opening of the Mouth ritual from the mud layer applied in modern times.

Discussing the cleaning methods to be used on the newly excavated stelophore statuette.

El-Azab strengthened the larger cracks and filled in the damaged areas on a scene of Nefermenu that has remained in a generally better state.

The cleaning of the hieroglyphic inscription of Seny-iqer (TT 185).

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