The work of the Hungarian Archaeological Mission in Egypt is threatened by the lack of future funds, which will affect us from the coming work season in 2012. These unwelcome developments could result in the discontinuation of a period of more than 25 years, during which time professional research teams of Hungary, experts and specialists have built up an international reputation in the field of Egyptology.

Hungarian excavations have been conducted in Egypt since 1983. These have involved professionals from various fields of science and the arts. The locations are mainly tombs of the nobles in the Theban necropolis at Luxor’s West Bank (TT32, TT65, TT184). In addition to the work in the field, we have prepared various publications consisting of monographs, catalogues and scholarly articles.

In 2009, an exhibition on 102 years of Hungarian presence in Egypt was held in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, focusing on the interrelated excavations in Thebes. A conference with international speakers was also connected to this event.

The three teams currently involved in the excavations in Egypt have ongoing authorizations from the Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities, however, the funding by Hungarian governmental sources (such as the National Scientific Research Programme, National Culture Fund), available until 2011, have been discontinued. This poses an imminent threat to the continuation of our successful research programmes.

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